Friday, March 16, 2007

The Plank

The beachside bar in Imperial Beach, The Plank, is a popular destination from places in and around downtown San Diego. I found a guy curbside who had missed his bus, heading for The Plank. I asked him if he was Navy, and he had been until a few years ago. He said he liked the experience for the discipline it taught him, but didn't care for the hours, low pay, and lack of freedom.

He said his only gripe with life right now was that he was in his upper 20s and wasn't married with children. I suggested he might find his future bride at The Plank tonight. He laughed. "I hope not." We got a good chuckle at the poor endorsement for the bar.

Twenty-five bucks lighter, he's at The Plank now. Maybe he will find his bride to be.

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