Monday, March 19, 2007

Paperwork blues

The owner of the cab company called and explained that the car now has temporary registration until the official license plate sticker arrives. She claimed California never mailed her the new one, even though she paid. I've decided not to reveal details about her on this blog. Suffice it to say that she has a good heart and character, and is good at what she does. And anyone who can manage cab drivers deserves tremendous respect. It's like herding cats (exceedingly dumb ones).

I left a note for Tom*, the morning driver, to call the owner today and inquire about the sticker. I also suggested he pick up some oil and turn in a work order -- the car is making a thumping sound and there's a shimmy, more pronounced under braking. "Thump" and "shimmy" are official taxi lingo.

Also, my cab permit and Navy permit expire soon. I already took a mandatory drug test, and still need to get passport photos and a DMV printout of my driving record. It's absurd that, in 2007, I have to go to a DMV office and wait for three hours for an idiot clerk to press "print" on a keyboard. This should all be available on the web.

I also need to visit Navy offices for a new base I.D. Sailors tell me all the time how inefficient and downright idiotic the Navy can be, but compared to the California DMV, they're miraculous.

* I have changed all names on this blog to protect the guilty for privacy reasons. Also, I drive nights, and two other guys, Tom and Andrew, take turns driving the morning shift. Tom is a guy in his 20s, and he's funnier than hell; Andrew is in his 30s, married with children. Oddly, Tom is considerably more responsible. I can't get Andrew to check the oil or wash the car, but Tom takes care of business without being asked.

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