Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm a good samaritan

I just had a chance to do my civic duty.

I'm on point outside a hotel right now, and I was just outside the cab smoking a cigarette. I guy in military fatigues came walking down the sidewalk and stopped. "I'm in the Army, and I'm new around here," he said. "Where's the best place for a guy to get laid?"

So I told him. The best place is Tijuana. Take the trolley or a cab to the border, walk across and hop in a Tijuana cab and tell them to take you to Adelide's or Chicago's. I haven't tried it, I told him, but everyone around here agrees those are the two cleanest, most reputable whorehouses in TJ. The rates vary, but I've heard you can get them down to $40.

Wow, was his response.

I also told him that if he wants to try his luck at the bars, Pacific Beach is the best place. He thanked me.

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