Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Town Clown tonight

I'm getting all short rides today. Mostly tourists, two by two, going 10 blocks or less. Some days are like this...

Before I came out I stopped by the 32nd St. Navy base to renew my base permit, but I was 10 minutes too late. That will be my last bit of administrative mumbo jumbo for a while. Well, until Fred the mechanic calls. I still need the mysterious thumping sound fixed. I put in a work request on the last lease day, which was six days ago. It sounds like cords broke in the front left wheel. But it's more pronounced under braking, so it could be a warped rotor.

After the navy base I stopped at Body Beautiful, a full-service car wash on Pacific Highway and Grape. Taxis pay $8 for a thorough scrubbing, inside and out.

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I also picked up the last thing I need to transfer files from the DVR to the laptop at home (and returned the webcam). This will expand my entertainment in the car.

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