Sunday, March 18, 2007

Severe winter storm...

... San Diego style. Fifty-eight degrees and overcast with light rain.

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Cruise ship on San Diego Bay

My last fare included a squat, bald man who reminded me of George Costanza from Seinfeld. He spoke with a depressed voice, but he was funny -- clearly not depressed. He commented that with the cool, rainy weather, the people of San Diego must be jumping off buildings. We're almost there, but not yet. Sunny and 75 will return!

Bad as the weather is (for San Diego), I picked up Costanza and his two colleagues from a golf course where they had just finished 18 holes.

They're in San Diego for a Prudential Realty conference at the Convention Center downtown. Six thousand people are expected, but many will be stranded back East with the snowy weather. This is what I mean by getting a feel for the city. The job allows me to know who's in town and what's going on.

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Downtown from Harbor Island

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