Sunday, March 18, 2007

First puker

3685 is the lucky number. In almost two years of driving cab I've never had a puker, until I picked up some drunken sailors tonight. Fortunately the guy jumped out at a red light when the time came. When all was said and done, he gave me $70 for a ride that came to $18 on the meter. He was ride No. 3685 since I've been driving a taxi (started April 1, 2005). Considering the big tip, I'd have to say puking is lucky.

Here's the screen grab of my Access table. Puke-boy was 3685.

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Oddity of the evening: After I dropped off the sailors -- my last ride for the night -- Navy police pulled me over. I have expired registration! As the driver I'm required to have current license tags, but still! Me and the two guys I share the cab with spend around $2500 per month for the cab lease, and I expect administrative details to be handled by headquarters. I was let off without a ticket.

UPDATE 3/22/07: The puker was ride No. 3586, not 3685. It was record ID 3685, but the 3586th record. The numbers are coincidentally similar. There have been many deleted records, accounting for the difference between the two numbers (once a record is placed in an Access table, it is assigned an ID, which doesn't change, even if records before or after it are deleted).

So, Puke Boy was ride No. 3586.

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