Saturday, March 31, 2007

The battle for Marzetti

There was an interesting radio battle over Marzetti tonight. To be more precise, it was a battle between two drivers trying their best to avoid the bastard.

One was belled to a hotel, and the cab second in line went in first, rattling the first driver. Dispatch came on the radio and belled the second driver to Marzetti, and he came back with: "But the hotel is a no-go, send the first car to Marzetti."

The first car explained that he hadn't even arrived at the hotel yet. So, dispatch sent the second car for Marzetti. He refused, so dispatch removed him from all line-ups for an hour -- the standard punishment. I never heard from him again. Apparently he was angry enough to leave for the night.

Unfortunately, I got Marzetti on the way back from his favorite restaurant. The last three times I got him, I have tried to convince him to request pickup in the back so we don't have to tie up traffic on the main thoroughfare. The first time he refused, saying he doesn't care about causing traffic jams. "They have no business driving around here," the bastard said. Tonight he actually said he would think about it. Next time I'll suggest he try it for a week, and if he doesn't like it, he can continue being a bastard using the front.

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How it feels to drive Marzetti

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