Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day begins

It's 5:15 p.m. in San Diego, 68 degrees with a crisp wind and clear blue sky, and I'm sitting at a cab stand waiting for the games to begin. There's nothing like being a cab driver waiting for a drinking holiday to get rolling.

It's slow now, so I'm surfing the web, catching up on weekend events. I'm avoiding most news sites for fear of finding out who won Formula 1 and the NASCAR Busch race. They're going to be waiting for me on DVR when I get home early tomorrow morning. I drive a car all evening, then go home to watch other people drive cars...

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Compaq still working well after two years

Today is a mixture of greed and good feelings -- greed for the money I expect to make, and good feelings because I'll be driving a lot of drunks, potentially saving some lives.

I should make $400 after lease and gas, after about nine hours of non-work. If only I could do that every day! And to think that there are so many dishonest attorneys (excuse the redundancy) making $400 per hour. My only consolation is that they have $100k in student loans or daddy owns them for many years, and they actually have to work for their money.

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Downtown is visible

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