Thursday, April 26, 2007

Morphine: 'This is great'

I picked up a guy at an ER dept of a large hospital. Typically these are foul smelling derelicts going to homeless shelters. Often they have hospital vouchers in lieu of cash.

The guy I picked up tonight was "regular", meaning he was washed, articulate, and he had no voucher. I asked what he was in for, and he said he was in excruciating pain for the last 24 hours and finally had to go to the ER. An X-ray and CAT scan picked up a large kidney stone.

"They gave me some morphine," he said. He asked if I'd ever been on it, and I said I hadn't. "I can see why people get addicted to drugs," he said. "This is great."


Matt G said...

When I had knee surgery, they gave me something.. Percadan? Percacet? Darvacet? I don't recall... that felt like I had just slammed my second margarita, for about 4 hours at a time. But no queasy feeling, and no hangover. They only gave me 20, and was so sorry when they were gone.

I'm so very glad that they only gave me 20. Wow.

Ted Martin said...

The strongest I ever had was cough syrup with codeine. Even that was too "good". I'll stick to caffeine and nicotine, and one day I'll kick nicotine.