Friday, April 6, 2007

Two notable rides

  • I drove a Roman Catholic sister. I can't say where to, or from, or what we discussed (that's not much fun, is it?). She's also a career psychologist. Fascinating lady. She exuded a sense of calm, almost what I would imagine from a Buddhist monk.

  • Young couple going to the Gaslamp Quarter. On the way, one of our own cabs pulled out right in front of me. I made a joke that I'd be speaking with him about it later. I mentioned it was one of our Iraqis, and that started a conversation about the American military presence in the Middle East.

    The guy is ex-military, and was stationed in Saudi Arabia for three months in 1999. He said his captain was a female, and when they were moving about town, she had to sit in the back of the bus. He said it was very strange having her packed in the back like chattel.

    When we arrived in the Gaslamp Quarter he said they wanted a good place to get drunk. I told him there are about 150 choices in the immediate area.
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