Friday, April 27, 2007

Tough day

For a job that has almost no stress, it has been a difficult afternoon.
  • Three people tried to kill me in the first two hours; two pulled out in front of me and one stood on the brakes on the freeway with nobody in front of him. I never did figure out why he did that. His meds might have been wearing off.

  • I was behind a man who stopped for a green arrow, in a right turn lane. A tap of the horn didn't work, so I hit it again, and again, and again, and again. He shook his fist at me. As soon as the green arrow turned yellow, he reluctantly pulled out, leaving me with the red and heavy cross traffic. I'd sincerely like to know what it's like to try to function in society with an IQ of less than 80.

  • In two years I've forgotten to run the meter three times. Twice were tonight. Each time I told the customers what the fare should be, and said it was their choice whether to pay. Both paid and tipped well.

  • It has been extremely busy, and with the extra radio traffic, the animals other drivers are playing games to make things worse. They're walking on each other and ignoring the call-in order.

    We're busy because of the California Democratic Party convention at the Convention Center. It's odd to have that convention here because San Diego is the only non-liberal place in the state, with the possible exception of a libertarian enclave in Orange County. Code Pink and other far-left groups are planning to protest the convention tomorrow because the Democrats aren't sufficiently anti-war.

    There's also a medical convention at the same place. And there's an art festival in Little Italy.

  • I picked up a sailor at a Navy base who wanted to go to a park so he could beat up three guys who had beaten up his friend's little brother earlier today. "I have my brass knuckles with me," he said. He described the guys as mid-30s, dirty, and drunk. I circled the park twice to see if I could see the guys, and perhaps call 911, but I never saw them.
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