Thursday, April 5, 2007

Navy blues

First, I'd like to say I value the folks in uniform. They are making a sacrifice for all of us. I've watched too many tearful farewells at the gates of San Diego Navy bases to feel anything but admiration. We've defeated too many enemies to take the military for granted.


They just can't get their shit together. I've been trying valiantly to renew my base permit since 4/1. The office in charge of those things is a Confederacy of Dunces. I'm Ignatius Reilly, plodding along. One day the specific office personnel who make the physical badge left early for the day. Another day they were out of ink for the printer that makes the badges.

Me: Any chance to...put some more in it right now?

Them: We don't have any.

Me: Is there any way to get some?

Them: Somebody above me in the chain of command is responsible for that.

Me: When should I try again?

Them: No idea. We could have a working printer any time.

Me: Can you call me when it's ready?

Them: No.

I miss at least one call per night onto Navy bases because of this, at an average of $22 or so -- and it has been slow. If it was busy, I'd be losing double or triple that amount. [sigh]

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