Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tonight's rides

  • Three teachers, one guy and two women, from Illinois. The Marine Corps paid for them to travel to the recruit depot in San Diego for what was, basically, a sales pitch. Teachers are in a good position to recognize kids who might be good candidates for the military, so the various branches educate teachers on the values, training, and benefits to help them spot the best candidates. The guy riding shotgun said he was very impressed with the Marines.

    Oddly, Fox News makes it sound like all teachers are liberal heathens who despise the military. The ones in my cab tonight were having a great experience.

  • Mother and daughter from Michigan on spring break together. They lamented the snow falling in their home state and marveled at how nice the weather is here. That one plays like a broken record... They felt better when I told them we pay upwards of $250,000 for a termite infested shack, perhaps 1100 sq. ft., and over $400k for a decent house. It's a trade-off. If you don't mind a very high cost of living, you can live in a fantastic place. San Diegans call it the Sunshine Tax. You pay to play in the sun.

  • Family from Sacramento, down for a few days to enjoy San Diego. They said Sacramento is about the same as SD, weatherwise -- right now. Come July and August they'll get up to 105, while we might see a few days of 85. I suggested they come back when it's hot up there. They said they'll keep playing the lottery, and if they hit it, maybe they'll see me again this year. I reminded them that we're friends now, and that friendship is worth 10%, just in case they win big.
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