Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monkey wrenches

I'm in the middle of my weekend, and already I've received two pieces of bad news.

First, I got a call from Tom this morning. He's one of the morning shift drivers I share the Falcon with. He announced he's quitting to attend college. I'm happy for him, but now my lease will probably increase dramatically. We have a three-way lease arrangement, and finding someone who wants to fill Tom's hours will be almost impossible.

Secondly, I stopped by the 32nd Street Naval base for the fifth time and walked away without a renewed base permit. My record is intact at 0 for 5. Today they said I was already issued my new permit, and that's false. I've wasted a lot of time and fuel in useless attempts to get it, but have failed each and every time. After much shoulder shrugging, they said I can't get a new permit because my name isn't on "the list". They spoke of it in hushed tones, as if this list has some magical properties, or if they spoke too loudly it might vanish.

I asked a series of questions, each met with, "I don't know."

+ How do I get on the list?
+ Who maintains the list?
+ Is there someone I can call or see to learn more about the list?
+ Why was I issued a base permit two months ago, but am now having so much trouble?
+ Why did my original permit expire after only two months?

They were only able to tell me where they get the list -- Building 1. They don't know where that is, or if it's on this base or another one, or who might be working there, or what kind of office is there. All they knew, three guys in total, was that my name doesn't appear on a paper list sitting on the counter.

I'm sad to say this, but I must. It is a fucking miracle we ever win wars. I'm almost convinced it's accidental (or incidental). A simple administrative process is so poorly run, it takes my breath away. How can they possibly conduct a war, with all the logistics, complex systems, and multiple variables that constantly change?

Now I'm faced with a decision. Do I take the Navy's message to heart, and give up on driving the thousands of sailors needing transportation? That would be a shame considering the largest carrier in the history of the world, the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, is nuking its way towards port right now, with nearly 7,000 people who will want rides. Or do I keep trying to get the permit?

It's FANTASTICALLY frustrating, considering I have already passed all criminal background checks and multiple drug screens. My driving record is flawless, too.

I'm leaning towards throwing in the towel. This is some kind of sick joke. Don't they realize they get something out of this, too?


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