Friday, April 13, 2007

Tonight's rides so far

  • My first ride was four large men who were crude and obnoxious. They asked if I was a San Diego Chargers fan, which I am. They said they were Raiders fans -- which makes sense, given how rude they were.

    They tried to accuse me of taking the long way (they were going from one nice hotel to another). I asked them what the fare had been on the way over; they said $7.00. The fare for riding in my cab was $6.40. I asked if they still thought I took the long way, and they had nothing to say. They gave me $9. I reminded them that San Diego is going to kick Oakland's ass this year -- again.

  • The second ride was from a hospital emergency room. We get mostly derelicts from ERs -- unwashed, drunken losers going to detox or rehab centers. What is it with ERs? Do they attract nutjobs?

    This customer was an older lady who tried to pay with a check. Often the hospitals give out vouchers, which I turn in against my lease. Not this time. Surprisingly, she was washed, but unsurprisingly, she didn't know that no cabbie on earth will take a check. So I offered to bring her to an ATM, but, of course, she doesn't use ATMs. We really need Jerry Springer to educate his audience on modern conveniences.

    It's illegal to ride in a cab without paying, I told her. She ended up borrowing cash from a neighbor to pay me, and she was somehow indignant about it.

    Note to humanity: Don't get angry if you are causing the problem.

  • I drove an Australian from Sydney who was in San Diego on business. He went from the edge of downtown to La Jolla. Nice run -- $50 after tip.

  • I just finished dinner -- I stopped at the Albertson's grocery store in the East Village, which I do quite often. They have a great salad bar. I get filled up with something healthy for about $4. Now I'm off to find a decent cup of coffee, then back to work.
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