Monday, June 16, 2008


Last night I caught an out-of-zone cab picking up my bell (wildcatting). And it was in a residential area. I don't know how he could have been driving around that area. We have caught enemies in our area with hand-held scanners before, so this guy might have been listening to our radio dispatches, and then racing us to our bells (pickups). Basically, if an out-of-zone cab is in our area, they'll be on the main thoroughfares, dropping at restaurants and shops, and then hoping to do a little wildcatting on their way out. This guy might have been dropping at a residence, and by pure luck saw my guy. More likely he had a scanner.

I was two blocks away, and it was 1:30 a.m. (dark), when I saw the enemy zip by perpendicular to me. I immediately got on my radio and said: "Who is picking up my bell? I see you." I said that because it might have been one of our guys. We have some slimey thieves working for us (like Ana).

I jammed the gas and may have blown a stop sign, but not officially, and caught up to him. It was an enemy cab. I pulled about a quarter inch off his bumper as he waited at a red light, and switched on my high beams as a way of saying, "Hello, dirtbag." To my surprise, the back door opened, and a youngish kid got out and came to my car. He got in and told me the other guy was apologetic and nice, and insisted he get out and ride with me.

For about two blocks I was smiling at my victory. Then the kid told me where he was going. Only two more blocks! The enemy cab driver suckered me! I wrote down the guy's cab company and car number. I'll have an opportunity to pay him back eventually. I always get even with my enemies.

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