Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ain't takin' this no more

I left early last Wednesday night out of frustration. It was busy, but I was the Town Clown, rarely getting a fare larger than $10. But it was worse than that. My first four rides not only declined a tip, they didn't have the full fare! I've never had four of those in a row.

The first fare was $7.20, and the guy professed to having only $7 on him, and, of course, he was "very sorry." I'm sorry, too, I told him, "Now get out."

Once I was called to a seedy apartment building, waited five minutes and called it a no-go. I got two miles away and was called back. The dispatcher said she explained to the customer that she was supposed to be outside waiting for the cab. The second time she actually was.

The cab driver I call Sunshine piped in on the radio: "Start your meter now, before you get there." The guy is quiet as a mouse unless there's something negative to say, then he's a magpie.
The fare was $5.20, and the bitch young lady gave me a five dollar bill and then spent what seemed like an hour digging a quarter out of her pocket. I couldn't speak, I was so pissed off.

After five hours working I had had a lot of rides, and only two broke $10, and I think I'd been tipped once. I finally gave up and went home. Thank goodness I have a job where I can disappear into the night when the barbarians are at the gates.

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