Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I got hit by a pedestrian

I picked up a man and a woman going to a Navy base. I turned a corner to find a guy standing in the middle of my lane. As I was making the turn, I saw an oncoming car turning with me, who would take the left lane, leaving me no option to change lanes to avoid the ped. Since I was driving 2mph for the turn, I just stopped the car.

Then we, my customers and I, saw two guys sprinting, racing each other, from somewhere down the road towards the guy standing in front of my hood. Apparently it was a foot race to reach the solitary, stationary guy. One of the racers tripped and fell and careened into the bumper of my car, hitting his head. He had been sprinting flat out. I was watching the guy standing still, to judge his reaction. I saw a look of horror on his face, so I put the car in park and reached for my seatbelt. I was 0% at fault, since the vehicle wasn't moving, but I still needed to get out and help, and maybe call an ambulance. Though the guy is a complete dumbass, he still deserved help.

Before I got my seatbelt undone, the guy jumped up, laughing, and him, his fellow racer, and the stationary guy all walked away into the night. My customers had all kinds of comments, like: idiot, what's wrong with them?, and, my personal favorite: "We're witnesses, it's not your fault. You weren't even moving."

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