Thursday, June 26, 2008

As Mark's World Turns -- new info

I've been following and reporting on Mark's World, as the drivers in my taxi zone call it. Here's the most recent post. THE NEW INFO: The girl and the new guy moved back East. They're gone.

To bring you up to speed a bit, Mark is a very nice guy who regularly takes taxis short distances. We don't like short rides much, but Mark is such a good guy (and he tips!), I enjoy driving him. He's a waiter at two different nearby restaurants, and he's trying to start his own, home-based graphic arts business. Most of our regulars are DUI cases, so they can't drive, at least temporarily. Given Mark's heavy drinking, I suspect that's the situation with him, but he's never said one way or the other.

Many months ago Mark broke up with his live-in girlfriend. Neither could afford to move out right away, so he had a strange time living with her while they were broken up. The reason for the breakup is the girl cheated with another regular customer, a guy who is a bartender at two different restaurants. Both men are heavy drinkers, but I'd say the new guy drinks a lot more than Mark. I can honestly say that Mark never said a single negative word about her, and I know he was upset and hurting, as you can imagine. He just shrugs and says, "It wasn't meant to be. She's a nice girl."

A few months ago I drove the girlfriend and her new man, Mark's nemesis, and learned she was pregnant.

Mark is working on a new girl, who I haven't met yet. Until he gets something going, this soap opera has stalled! I hear this new girl lives in our taxi zone, so I'll probably drive her alone sooner or later, if she doesn't have her own wheels, and maybe I can put in a good word for Mark. On second thought, is a recommendation from a cab driver going to help or hurt the guy? "Oh, well, the cabbie says your a good guy, so let's date!"

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Lucky said...

women, they always want what's worse, it makes things exciting, and it tangles everything up. Too bad for the guy.