Monday, June 16, 2008

A first for the ER

I do a lot of ER pickups, we all do, and I've posted a number of the experiences. I always ask: "What brought you to the ER?" That's probably rude, but I'm always too curious about how people end up in emergency rooms.

Last night somebody finally said: "None of your damned business." Does that mean gonorrhea treatment? I'll keep quizzing the ER unfortunates in the future. I've heard some very interesting stories. Be sure to check out the ER and paramedic blogs listed on my sidebar. Things range from funny to outlandish in emergency rooms.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, glad to see you are back posting again... I was actually worried about you man. You came to mind several times when I was filling up my car; thinking how the hell are cabbies handling this! I really enjoy your stories. There really should be a book in your future.


Anonymous said...

It has been tough with gas prices -- for me and everyone! My internet connection has been problematic lately, so I'm taking notes in the cab and posting when I can.

Thanks for reading!