Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forbidden places in San Diego

The USS George Washington, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, is in port for several months. This is the one that made the news because there was a fire onboard somewhere off the coast of South America, and they came here for repairs. I've been driving a lot of GW (as we call it) sailors out to Coronado to the ship.

One time I heard a group discussing the forbidden list in the back seat. I asked about it, and asked if I could have a copy. They discussed the security of giving it to me, and then decided it didn't constitute a national security breach. I went through a similar thought process before deciding to publish it here.

Without further ado, here's the list the Navy gave GW sailors:

Off-limits at all times:

San Diego -- Club Mustang, Club of San Diego, Get it on Shoppe, Main Street Motel, Vulcan Baths.

National City -- Dream Crystal, Sports Auto Sales

Off-limits at specified times:

San Diego -- 2600 to 3600 block of Main St, including McDonald's and Burger King parking lots on 28th St, from 001-0500 Wed.

Chula Vista -- Denny's parking lot, 692 E St from 0100-0400 Sat and Sun

Off-limits areas from sunset to sunrise:

Otay Mesa

Willie Henderson Park / San Diego City Park

Areas of caution, especially after dark:

Naval Base San Diego (32nd St base) perimeter area.

Trolley stations, especially Palomar St and San Ysidro.


Libertad (south of Tijuana airport)

Camino Verde (south of city center)

Mariano Matamoros (southeast of city center)

Is it just me, or would a list like this given to 18-22 year-old sailors looking for excitement in port become a must-see list? That Denny's parking lot in Chula Vista must be something to see.


Lucky said...

err, yeah, why are fast food places forbidden? that's where all the nogoodnicks hang out?

Thanks for commenting on my post. I wonder if I'm boring my average reader, because surprisingly few have commented on the extensive post.

anyway, I'm gonna post another one soon, I cam across the website (internet movie CAR data base .com . super exciting.

TachaƩ said...

Isnt that a little weird to give them a forbidden list? Or is that common?
Even a sports auto sales?

Or are these all gay clubs and Im totally clueless?

MM... I have an addiction to IMDB.

Brent McD. said...

no crazy 4th of july stories???

Ted Martin said...

I took off the 4th of July! It's such a hassle with the crowded streets, drunks, and short rides that I decided to give up the $400 or so I normally make. Hey, I'm not like an attorney. I won't do anything for money...