Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Broken cars, anger management

Jim had his weekly outburst on the radio. He's like most of us -- calm and collected, even when something is frustrating him, but a few nights ago he let loose on the radio. I love that kind of stuff. I don't like people who constantly tie up the radio with useless nonsense, because people need a clear radio to conduct business, but a nice, angry outburst always brings a smile to my lips. Jim lets loose about once a week, and we joke about it with him all the time.

We were busier than all get-out, and Jim's car breaks down. This is, obviously, the most aggravating time to lose a car, because on a busy night you end up losing $75 an hour, or so. I never heard what happened to the car, but Jim was off the radio for three hours. He probably had to wait for the tow truck, go to the office, and then wrangle a backup car from the owner.

Eventually I heard him on the radio again with a different car number -- a backup car. About two hours later had just cleared down in Chula when I heard the last bit of an outburst. "No I won't wait with the car! You can come and get the piece of crap! I'm going home."

The backup broke down, too! We didn't hear from Jim for the rest of the night.

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