Monday, June 16, 2008

As Mark's World Turns

I've mentioned this little soap opera in our taxi zone before. Twice in the last three days I drove the guy who stole Mark's girl. The first time the girl was along for the ride, too. They're a couple of dim bulbs, boy. The girl was a fool to give up Mark, who is Albert Einstein compared to this guy. The happy couple were talking amongst themselves about a party they had attended the night before.

Her: I can't believe Jamie paid cash for his house. That has to be a $500,000 house.

Him: He must have done it to brag.

Her: What do you think he did, bring it in a trash bag?

Him: A big suitcase.

People, these customers think that when you say you have paid cash for a house, you brought paper money.

The second time I drove the guy, who is really a nice guy despite his dim wits (even Mark, who lost his live-in girlfriend to him, admits the guy is fundamentally nice), he was on his way home from the bar he tends. He needed me to stop at an Albertson's grocery store.

Him: I have to get one of those little chickens, the ones that are pre-cooked.

Me: A rotisserie chicken?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Those are good.

Him: I don't like 'em, but I got my new girlfiend pregnant, and she's having cravings. Gotta get her what she wants.

I laughed. It's safe to say he doesn't use condoms, but Mark does -- he lived with her for at least a year, and no baby! I wonder if the soon-to-be father knows that at least 20 cab drivers are closely following the strange love triangle between him, this girl, and poor old Mark? Do you think he knows his love life is on the web?

As for Mark, he's working on a new girl. I drove him a few days ago from the restaurant (he's a waiter) to his house. He was with a girl, and we dropped her off first. On the way to his place, he said he's working on that girl's roommate, who couldn't come out drinking that particular evening. He said he'd let me know how it goes. And when I know, you'll know.

UPDATE: I just learned from another driver that the pregnant girl and the new boyfriend moved to the East Coast.

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