Thursday, July 31, 2008

I offended Mark

I've been following Mark's personal life as a curiosity (see this post) for some time. Last night he walked up to one of our cab stands, where I was second in line. He asked if I could drive him, and the first driver graciously said he didn't mind. Then Mark saw me smoking, and said he'd have a smoke with me before we set off.

Mark doesn't smoke, but I saw he was extremely drunk, which would explain it. So he puts a cigarette in his mouth backwards and lights a match. I told him to stop, and he changed it around. I started laughing, and he got mad. "Are you laughing at me?" Yes, I told him, I am, because it's funny. What's the problem? He threw the cig on the ground and jumped into the back of the first cab.

    First cabbie: Am I driving him now?

    Me: Looks that way.

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