Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fred is back

To our great dismay, Fred, the mechanic, is back. We heard he had been arrested for possession of marijuana, and had been fired. We were so happy we talked about throwing a party. Yesterday I heard the cab company owner speaking with a driver on the radio, and mentioned that "Fred is at the shop now, so drive over there."

I earned a few laughs at the cab stand with, "Look at the bright side. He'll continue stealing our fuel and improperly fixing our cabs, but now I have a chance to get my $100 back from him."

We're speculating now that the cab company owner bailed him out and brought him back to work -- he's extremely kind hearted, so it's very plausible. I believe it was Zach who said: "He bailed Fred out of jail? It must be hard to find a shitty mechanic." That's dry.

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