Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday night rides so far

My first ride was a short one, only $4.60, and the lady tried to pay with a $100 bill. I took her last three singles and said not to worry about the rest.

The next ride was $7, to a golf course. I got stiffed, then the guy seemed perplexed as to why I wouldn't get his clubs out of the trunk. He was about 50, and I would have thought that was long enough to understand at least the basics of how the world works, but alas no. The lack of extra service will have to remain a mystery to him.

UPDATE: The guy paid the $7 fare, but stiffed me on the tip. I apologize for messing things up.

The rest of the evening so far has gone well. I've had several call in the $20-$30 range. There are several small business conferences in town, and people are moving between hotels and heading to the Gaslamp Quarter to get drunk have a nice evening out.


Forman said...

I am confused about how someone with golf clubs could stiff you. i'd of assumed he'd pay me once i got out and helped him with his bag. people from outside nyc tend to think they should pay through my window instead of my partition. and same goes for airport fares, people with bags pay me sometimes after i unload their bags.

Coldfoot said...

I also am perplexed how any one with golf clubs in the trunk could stiff you.

You don't pay, you don't get the golf clubs (they are locked in the trunk, after all). I ain't a pawnshop either. You have until the end of my shift to pay me or the clubs are mine.

I've done it many times, although not specifically with golf clubs, and the cops back me up every time.

If it is at all possible, I like to get any luggage, bags, beer, boxes, golf clubs and the like into the trunk when loading the passengers. That way you have some leverage when they come up short on the fare.

Coldfoot said...

Just to clarify.

If he was only short a couple bucks, I don't expect you would have had to keep all the clubs. Most likely his buddies in the golf club would take up a collection while you wait with the meter running. A bag of golf clubs is a lot of motivation to beg.

If not, drive down the street far enough that he can't chase you, throw his clubs onto the sidewalk and keep a few.

Of course my second strategy for folks who come up short is to return them to the point of origin. I normally blow through stop lights and stop signs when doing this so they don't have a chance to exit the cab close to their desired destination.

John said...

Yea like he went to the bar after the round of golf and left the bartender a few bucks short.
Tight arse

Ted Martin said...

I made an error when I wrote the post. The guy paid the $7 fare, but stiffed me on the tip. Since he paid, I popped the trunk.

Usually I get out any luggage before I get paid, especially at the airport, so I don't know in advance if I'll get tipped. This person paid right away (and stiffed me on the tip), so he earned the trunk-popping, but not the assistance with removing the clubs.

Sorry about the confusion!

Man, you guys are on it...