Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Misc photos

These are from a few days ago.

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Market St near 5th Ave

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Market St facing east, looking up at Golden Hill

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After I pulled into a meter spot near 6th and G, Gaslamp Quarter, a parking enforcement guy showed up and measured the distance from the car behind me (red car) and the curb. I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get him with the yellow measuring tape. Here he is writing the ticket. It reminded me of the movie "Annie Hall", when Annie parks her VW in Manhattan. Woody Allen's character said: "We can walk to the curb from here."


Forman said...

though, i haven't seen that movie, this is pretty funny. if that red car wasn't there, perhaps the white car would suffer instead.

Ted Martin said...

The white one wasn't very close to the curb either, was it? The red one was sticking out in traffic. It's strange that somebody thought that was OK.

Mia said...

Now THERE's a job. I wonder if he gets all a-twitter when he measures and finds out he gets to write a ticket for that illegal 2 inches. puhleese. makes me glad i live in the country.