Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday, the day off

It's Tuesday morning already, but it's my Monday, seeing as my "days" don't start until about 2 p.m. I turned on my cell when I woke up (at 2 yesterday afternoon) and it rang at once. It was one of the office workers.

Her: Woo-hoo, you actually answered your phone.

Me: I always answer my phone.

Her: No, you don't.

Me: I always answer my phone unless I'm sleeping...

Her: Bingo.

Me: Okay, what's up?

Her: Did you return a wheelchair to the Hyatt last week?

Me: Ahhhhh (clearing cobwebs), yes.

Her: Good. I have an older lady on the phone who is near panic trying to make sure they got their wheelchair.

Me: I remember her. Tell her the world is still spinning, will ya?

Her: (laughter) Yep, sure will. Bye.

The nutjobs are starting to reach out for me on my day off! The lady in question was the one I detailed in this post.

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