Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nice ride to PB

I just drove two of the cutest young ladies out to PB from the South Bay area. Fare was $43, tip was $7. They were wearing practically nothing -- short shorts, if people still call them that, with shirts that had maybe 10 square inches of material, total. They were from Minnesota and were, rather mysteriously, tanned golden brown. They fessed up: they spent time in tanning salons before coming for a weekend beach vacation.

They asked me how cold it gets on the worst winter day. I told them 48 degrees right in the city, and that's in the dead of night on the coldest of them. They said February this year had a string of two weeks where it was almost -20 in Minneapolis.

I told them people here complain about the awful cold in winter, and their reply: "What a bunch of babies."



Paradise Driver said...

My cab's heater goes on, on those few rare days of the year when the temp drops below 60F


Brent McD. said...

no photos??!?