Thursday, May 31, 2007

Navy follies

Last night's final ride was disheartening. I picked up two drunken sailors who wanted to go from a bar to a navy base, and they needed to go inside the base. I explained that I could only get them to pass & decal, and after arguing for a while, they agreed. When I arrived at the gate they tried to bully me into attempting to sweet talk the guards into allowing me inside. I could lose the car if navy cops catch me inside without authorization, so the obvious answer to the sailors: "No."

The fare was $4.20 and they handed me a $20. I gave the guy $15 and asked if he wanted to mess around with the $.80.

Him: Give me another dollar.

Me: I don't owe you a dollar. I owe you $.80.

Him, threateningly: Give me a dollar.

Me: So, not only are you going to stiff me on the tip, you're going to try to pay less than the amount shown on the meter?

Him: Yes, because you won't take us on base.

Me: We discussed that, and you knew I couldn't get on base before you got in the cab.

Him: Are you going to give me a dollar?

Me: No, but I can give you $.80. (Which I can't; I don't mess with coins, even in private life. If we had resolved the issue, I would have given him the full dollar, but not until he acknowledged I didn't owe him that much.)

Him, yelling and slurring: What is your name? What is your cab number?

I said nothing. He and his buddy left, saying they were going to call my supervisor.

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Paradise Driver said...

I never deal with coins either. On a $4.20 they get $15 change. Period. No discussion. Its up to them to come up with the 20-cents if they want that extra dollar. I've checked the law and nowhere can I find a stipulation that I have to give/carry change, ever. The fare is the fare and how it is paid is their problem, not mine.

Yeah, I know. I have an attitude problem. ;)