Friday, May 11, 2007

Brisk evening...

...for me. Sometimes I'm the Town Clown, but tonight I had all good rides. For a slow night I made out like a bandit. Sometimes I make sure everybody knows, but I was nice tonight. It was so slow I feared I may break the spirit of my co-conspiratorsworkers.

Dreaming of La Jolla

I brought a woman from the edge of downtown all the way out to the Coronado Cays, which is on the Silver Strand (thin strip of land connecting Coronado with Imperial Beach, protects San Diego Bay from the Pacific). En route the lady (who was about 35 and attractive, with a low cut dress and cleavage that reminded me of two basketballs looking to get free) asked me if she could call me tomorrow for a trip to La Jolla. La Jolla is my favorite place in all of San Diego for numerous reasons, and from the Cays up to The Jewel, as it's called in English, would be lucrative. Probably $60, plus tip.

La Jolla is a neighborhood on the northern edge of San Diego, right against the ocean. Most who live there claim it's an independent municipality, but they're arrogant mistaken. The neighborhood is stunningly beautiful, and I'm not known for noticing stuff like that. There are steep cliffs aside a green, oceanfront park. The kayaking is great, with water clear to the bottom (15 feet around the shore, with a steady drop-off) It's also a marine preserve. Even from the cliff tops you can see garibaldi (large, red fish -- California state fish) swimming around, and the occasional sea bass and leopard shark. The sharks are harmless -- during the spring mating season, they're everywhere. People like to swim with them.

There's a beach called the Children's Pool, where a colony of seals has set up. That's actually a contentious issue, as the beach is man-made. Some want it available to the public, but since the seals arrived several years ago, animal lovers want people to stay away.

The downtown area of La Jolla is called the village. There are many great restaurants, art galleries, and other great things. On Saturday mornings I'm often at the Living Room coffee shop on the corner of Prospect and Girard -- it's a nice little inner-city motorcycle ride.

I know I have a few local readers, so please chime in with anything I may have missed (or exaggerated).

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