Friday, May 4, 2007

Two interesting rides

Parasitic arrogance

I picked up a middle aged man and woman who were in from Branson, Missouri. They went from a hotel near downtown to Sheraton Harbor Island West. On the way there the guy said he was in San Diego to attend a conference, and his wife came with for a vacation. I mentioned that last week there was a large conference that filled the city. He asked what kind of conference it was. I said they were doctors who were, by and large, arrogant. There were many extra people in attendance, too, as the parasites -- attorneys -- were out in full force. There was a long silence in the back of the cab.

Me: You're not doctors or lawyers are you?

Man: I'm arrogant, and my wife is a parasite.

We got a great laugh at that. He's a doctor and the Mrs is an attorney. Note to self: find out more about customers before insulting entire groups of people.

The Queen's English

I picked up a married couple from the country west of London.

Guy: In the two years we've been in San Diego you're only the second American cab driver we've seen. The rest have been immigrants.

Me: It is rare. My first language is the Queen's English.

Woman: Uhhhhhh...

Me: American English isn't the Queen's English, is it?

Woman: No!

Well, whaddya do? Everyone had a good laugh.

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