Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sales jokes

Last night I drove a man and woman in sales. The man told a joke about a man who died and went to Heaven. When he got to the pearly gates St. Peter showed him the attractions -- relaxing on clouds, eating great meals, and listening to harp music. The man thanked him, but decided to go down to Hell to see what that was all about. Satan met him at the gate and showed him around. He saw wild sex parties with the best wine and spirits. He decided on Hell, and Satan brought him inside again. When he got inside he saw something very different from what he had seen before. Now there were people being tortured and burned and living in cages. "Satan," he asked, "where are the great parties and all the fun stuff?" Satan said, "That was when you were a prospective client. You're a client now."

I suggested that this was also like the difference between dating and marriage. The man offered:

    Man: Do you know what food kills the female sex drive?

    Me: No.

    Man: Wedding cake.


expat said...

I've heard a good variant of that story in which the victim is a computer programmer. The punchline changes to "Yeah -- that was our demo".

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