Sunday, August 24, 2008

A brush with the Kittyhawk

I drove three black sailors from the Kittyhawk (aircraft carrier). They were going from a bar area back to the NAS navy base, where the ship is parked (berthed?). They had just come back from Japan, and I asked them if they liked it. They had two observations about Japan:

1. Japanese girls are easy. Their only requirement: don't lie and don't cheat. "You just don't tell them you have other girls, and everything's great. They cook for you and treat you right."

2. The Japanese don't brush their hair (sailors' claim). I asked about that, and one of them said: "Maybe it's 'cuz I'm a black man, but we brush our hair. The NEX (Navy Exchange, on-base retail store) ran out of brushes and they never got more." So they went out into the towns and cities searching for a hair brush. Not only did no store carry a hair brush, but the Japanese didn't have any idea what they were talking about.

The guy said: "I finally played charades with one dude, and he brought me to the dog section and pointed at dog brushes." I burst out laughing at the story, and he and his fellows laughed, too.

Is is true? the Japanese don't brush their hair? Or do they use something besides brushes and combs?

The sailor told me, just before paying at Avis near the airport, that if he ever gets stationed in Japan again, he's bringing a crate of brushes, and when the NEX runs out, he's going to sell them for $50 each.


Matt G said...

I went out with a Japanese girl for a couple of months. They brush their hair a little bit more than a lot. But they use combs.

I have never known a person more obsessive about grooming. Seriously-- she would take three showers a day. This is not necessarily a bad thing in a girlfriend, and she was quick about it, so I never really had to wait. She was fiercely jealous, though, and that cost us a relationship, in the end.

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