Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nine lives

I picked up a man, about 45, on a very busy street. He was going to the airport for a return to San Francisco to visit his family. He has been working in San Diego and living in SF for over a year; and the weekly commutes and being away from the family are wearing him out.

He said he finally convinced the family to move to San Diego, and bought the house on the busy street. He's apprehensive because nobody wants to live here, with friends and full lives up in the Bay Area. Now that they've agreed to move, his final worry is the family cat. "She's a good cat, but I don't know how she will survive on this busy street."

He explained that with the family already unhappy about moving, it would be a complete disaster if the cat got killed. He said: "If the cat dies, I'll be in the dog house."

We had an interesting discussion about how the cat will have nine lives to spend in San Diego.

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