Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cheating on online college courses

I picked up three well dressed young women at an expensive hotel, going to the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. On the way they talked continually, eventually settling on the topic of how one of them was making extra money. She found a guy on Craig's List looking for somebody to take an online course for him. She took the course, as him, and aced it, and she got $200 for it. She said it was entry-level math, and was simple for her.

He told some friends, and now she has a nice cash business going. For summer session (don't know what college or where she lives) she has made $2000 without breaking a sweat.


Online College Consulting - Applywise said...

That is one of the disadvantage of online courses. No one know on whose the one who actually take the course. The site itself don't care at all since they got paid for it and vice versa since the student just need the certification or the degree itself.

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Julie Stewart said...

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novielicious said...

Wow! and that's amazing! She now have a nice business. however what they did, it's still cheating on online courses.

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