Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cash cab

A lot of people have jokingly asked me if I'm the Cash Cab. This is a show on cable -- Discovery? Lately I've been telling them I don't have any cash to give away, but I could lay some trivia questions on them. These are some of the questions I've been asking, with answers below:

1. What's the longest river in Europe?
2. What is Pi to two decimal places?
3. What is Pi?
4. How many engines does the Space Shuttle have?
5. What was America's most successful submarine in WWII?
6. Who is, arguably, the single most important person in the American Revolution?
7. What is an Astronomical Unit?
8. What is the name of America's newest supercarrier?
9. How many planes does a Nimitz class carrier hold?
10. How many nuclear reactors does a Nimitz carrier contain? (and for sailors, how many shafts?)
11. What size engine is in a Ford Crown Victoria, like this taxi?
12. What is the only state in the Union that can legally divide itself into smaller states?
13. What is the first aircraft in the world capable of flying above the speed of sound for prolonged periods?
14. Where was the last bank Jesse James robbed?
15. How many times has Bret Favre retired?
16. Who was the State of Virginia named after?
17. Where will the 2012 Olympics be held?

1. Danube (Is this right? I'm not even sure, but I've never been challenged on it.)
2. 3.14
3. The number of radians that can be placed around the circumference of a circle.
4. 49
5. The U.S.S. Barb
6. John Adams
7. The distance between the center of the Sun and the center of the Earth, or about 93 million miles.
8. George H. W. Bush (I don't ask this of sailors because they all know the answer.)
9. 85
10. 2 (4 shafts)
11. 4.6 liters
12. Texas
13. F-22 Raptor
14. Northfield, Minnesota
15. Who cares?
16. Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen
17. London


Skyring said...

Cash Cab!

I have several episodes as podcasts on my iPhone, and every now and then I play them for a passenger.

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