Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A note about emails and photos

I receive emails frequently, and it takes me a very long time to respond. This is because I only check email once every other week or so, and sometimes monthly. This isn't because of lack of respect, and I apologize to anyone who was hoping for a faster reply. I suspect this is why three interview requests (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and San Diego Union-Tribune) didn't pan out. It's just the way I am. Maybe I'll use an autoreply explaining that it may take a while to get back. It seems to me that by vacating the rat race of an office, and instead taking it easy driving a taxi, I could let go of the torture instruments tools of the rat race.

Voicemail -- I had so many complaints from friends and the cab company HQ about slow responses to voicemail, I called Sprint and told them to kill voicemail altogether. You would not believe how calm life can be without 24/7 access.

Photos -- I've been leaving the camera at home for the last several months. I bought a new video camera and I commandeered the camera bag for that, and I don't want to carry the camera in the car without any protection. When I get a new bag/case for the still camera, I'll start taking photos again.

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Lucky 327 said...

having the video camera sounds cool. I was thinking of getting one eventually, hopefully taping a whole day, and playing it at super fast speed. just an idea, don't know if they make one small enough, cheap enough, with enough quality, and that can tape 10+ hrs.