Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The best seafood in town

I had to give credit to a driver for a great joke. It may be too "inside" for anyone else to appreciate it; I don't know. Here's how it went down.

Two drivers, who I'll call A and B, have been squabbling on the radio for a few days. B allegedly stole a ride from A, so A is looking for revenge. Last night driver B picked up and asked for drivers to suggest a good seafood restaurant. We all knew where he picked up. Typically drivers help each other, and would suggest a place some distance away (but not too far). Some drivers ask questions like these just to deflect any suspicions a customer might have, even though they know quite well where everything is. If customers suspect they've been taken to an out-of-the-way spot to inflate the meter, the driver can always say he wasn't sure, and that's why he checked. "A" responded to B's request for a seafood restaurant: "XYZ restaurant has the best seafood in town." That restaurant was about four blocks from where B picked up. I haven't heard yet if the trick worked.

Several drivers are now continuing the joke. If they picked somebody up who requests that restaurant, they call it in: "We're going to XYZ, the best seafood in town."

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