Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amusing, but not amused, cop

I was stuck in the Gaslamp Quarter last night after a drop-off at the new Hard Rock Hotel on 5th Ave and K street (or is it L St?). I think they were surgeons, based on their conversation. After sitting in a line of cars that was stationary for no apparent reason (after dropping off), I tapped my horn once, briefly. A voice tried to speak to me through the passenger window, which was open. I turned down my stereo and looked, finding a bicycle cop. "What?" I asked. "Horns are for emergency use only," he said, "and trying to get cars to move is not an emergency." I stuck my head out the driver window and bellowed as loudly as I could: "Let's get a move on!!!" I looked back at the cop, who had a blank expression. He has dealt with my kind before.


drc said...

That is too funny!!

Brent McD. said...

horns are for emergency use only? is that in the vehicle code?? never heard that one before

Ted Martin said...

San Diego is quite strict, especially in the Gaslamp Quarter. I hear jaywalking tickets are $75.