Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Ana

I still haven't had my meeting with the cab company owner to try to fix Ana's evil ways. It should happen next week. As a point of curiosity, complaining formally about another driver has to be handled delicately. If a driver complains about each small infraction he sees, other drivers could turn on him. I've been angry at Ana for months now, and so have other drivers. I also tested the waters by mentioning my plans to several drivers, and I have their support. The last thing I would want is to cure Ana just to find I was losing all my calls to vengeful drivers who think I'm a snitch. People are so angry about Ana that this won't be a problem.

Even though I'm known as "the normal one", an honest cabbie, the other drivers know I don't care what kind of games they play as long as it doesn't cost me money. In other words, it's the Wild West until money gets stolen from me, and everyone is okay with that attitude.

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