Monday, April 7, 2008

Fuel for half price

I had the ball joints replaced on the taxi two days ago. When I picked it up I gave the assistant mechanic, who had worked on the car, a $10 tip. He pointed to the gas gauge, which showed just under full. He said he only drove 10 miles on the inspection ride after the work. It made me think of other drivers who have picked up their cars with half a tank missing, then they have to fight with the owner of the cab company over who is going to pay. Sure enough, the assistant mechanic said that Fred usually siphons off gas and then calls his friends to drop by the garage to buy it at half price. I knew he was selling batteries and car parts, but our gasoline?


roy said...

many wouldn't even notice

Lucky 327 said...

incredible, what is it about car related business that makes everyone a crook?

Ted Martin said...

Here's the deal: The mechanic has never stolen gas from me. I'm more or less his buddy. I paid off his gambling debt ($200) and let him make payments to me. I give him a $20 tip for major repairs, and $5 to $10 for smaller ones. He got a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and $30 when he replaced my engine two years ago.

So why don't I buy the other drivers' gas from him at half price?

I'm kidding. I wouldn't buy stolen gas. Funny to think about, though. Our mechanic is a real piece of work.