Thursday, April 17, 2008

As Mark's World Turns

We have a regular customer who goes from his apartment to one of two restaurants -- he's employed as a waiter at each -- or to a few different bars. All drivers know him, his name's Mark, and even though the rides are short, we enjoy driving him because he's a nice guy. Also, he tips fairly, which is normal for a fellow citizen who relies on tips.

We've gotten to know Mark well, including his trials and tribulations with other people in our taxi zone, as well as his love life. Mark's life is so much like a soap opera that we call bells to his apartment "As Mark's World Turns".

He has a live-in ex-girlfriend, and I've been driving him (and her) since they were together. I followed the breakup, and got to hear the details about how difficult it is to live with her even though Mark had caught her cheating with a bartender from one of the bars they frequent. I also know that bartender, as he's a regular customer. Before the breakup, I noticed Mark and the girl arguing a lot -- then the split. Then it was the bartender and the girl, and now they're arguing, too.

I predict the girl will be single again soon. Will Mark take her back when it happens? We'll have to start a pool on that.

I drove Mark last night, and he was in a good mood. He went from one of his jobs to his apartment. I asked him what kind of tips he gets from Reed, who eats on Wednesday nights at the one of the places Mark works. "He tips well," he said. Reed doesn't tip cabbies anything, and he often tries to pay less than the meter amount. What a bastard.

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