Monday, April 14, 2008

Bringing down Ana

Our worst ride thief, a female driver named Ana, a Serb, has made all the other drivers angry. I mentioned her before. We've never seen anything like her. Once we had a four-cab call at an upscale hotel, with me being No. 3 and Ana being No. 4. The people were taking a long time to come out, so we lined up in the order we were belled, except that Ana arrived last, went straight to the front of the line and took the first people to come out. As it turned out, that was a flag, and our 4-cab bell was a cancellation. Ana got the only people to come out, and the rest got nothing. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I finally got so mad I called the cab company owner to complain. I asked him to speak with her. He said we'll set up a meeting with the owner, myself, and Ana. What a hassle! I just want him to put the fear of God into her. Now I have to schedule a time to go to HQ, which will invariably be during the day, when I'm usually asleep. I'm going to follow through, because somebody has to stop Ana.

One thing I didn't tell the owner, and don't plan to: the meeting will be Ana's last chance. She either straightens up or the drivers will force her to quit. They'll steal every bell, and interfere with all of her radio transmissions. I've already spoken to her personally, and most of the other drivers have complained to her on the radio at various times, to no avail. The formal meeting will be her last chance and then it's curtains for the bitch!

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