Monday, March 24, 2008

Permit renewal

I have waited until the last possible moment to renew my cab permit, which expires at the end of the month. I have the drug test forms, but I still have to go and get it done. No worries there -- no drugs. I don't even drink. Cigarettes are my only vice, and they're still (barely) legal. I have to get the drug test, then hound them to make sure they faxed a copy to the city, then get my H6 (copy of driving record from the DMV), then, when all the paperwork is in, pay a small amount to get my new permit.

Then I'll try to renew my navy base pass. That took several months of fucking around last year, and I expect nothing different this time. The navy is a *unique* organization. They attract some of the best people, have a massive budget, and have some of the best equipment and technology in the world. It was the U.S. military, after all, that gave us the internet in September 1969. But they can't follow simple, well established, agreed upon rules for giving out a base pass.

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