Monday, March 24, 2008

Golf cart

I was on my way to a cab stand at about 2:15 a.m. a few nights ago, just after bar close. Two blocks from our stand, which is across the street from a strip of bars, I see two cops had pulled over an electric car. We have several of these cruising the streets of San Diego. They're basically golf carts that are street legal for surface streets. I saw two young ladies standing on the sidewalk speaking with the cops.

On stand I eventually made it to first in line and then picked up a flag, a guy going solo. He said to take him seven or eight blocks straight up the street. As we got near the cops and their blue and red lights, I told him there was a golf cart pulled over and I started laughing. As we drove by he said: "Hey, stop! Let me out." I asked if he knew the girls, and he said yes. He wasn't all that happy that I laughed at his friends. Oops. I got $4 for the ride.

Back on that stand I waited another twenty minutes or so and got a bell over the radio: "Police call at XYZ address." That was the golf cart people. I just couldn't get away from them, it seemed. I picked up the two ladies and brought them to Imperial Beach, which is a good run. The driver of the golf cart said she blew .075, just under the .08 minimum. They wouldn't let her continue driving, even though she passed, so the police called her a cab.


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