Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy to have this ride stolen

I was on a cab stand at 2 a.m., bar close time, with several other cabs. A guy walked out of a bar across the street and vomited profusely. He ralphed so many times we suspected he may have a bit of food poisoning in addition to being drunk off his ass. Eventually he looked up and saw us, held up his hand, and staggered across the street. In perfect unison five cars started their engines and pulled off the curb, and drove away.

I circled around the block slowly, since I was first in line, to see if anybody else was coming out of the bars (i.e. somebody not puking). Nobody was. But I saw a cab from another zone stop and pick up the puker. Good for him. He can come into our zone and steal a guy like than whenever he wants. I announced the ride theft on the radio, and several drivers responded that they were pleased with the outcome.

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