Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another jumper on the Coronado Bridge

Saturday night the Coronado Bridge was closed from about 9:30 until 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I saw police activity at the top of the bridge, but had no runs to the island. Today's San Diego Union-Tribune explained what happened:

    The San Diego-Coronado Bridge was closed for three hours late Saturday and early yesterday while authorities negotiated with a 25-year-old man who threatened to jump from the span. Shortly after midnight, the man jumped and killed himself, authorities said.


Dave said...

Wow that's crazy! It just so happens I was actually there Saturday night, on my way back from North Island. I remember thinking maybe there was an accident on the bridge...guess I was right after all.

Roy irish taxi said...

the mind is a strange machineb

Anonymous said...

I always wonder how miserable their people's lives really are to actually consider and then actually commit suicide. I guess he's in a better place now.

Anonymous said...

You will be miss, our prayers for his family and friends.

My son died in the same way last October 19, 2008. he was just 26 is survided by his wife,and a toddler son, plus mom and dad and two sister.

Please if his family reads this message please call me. Llamenme por favor necesito hablar con la familia de este joven.

My son and yours will be missed by all who knew them. Through our pain, we know that they wil live forever in our heart.

Always miss you dearly,

Vicky (858)484-9953

Captin Lin said...

Joseph was pushed to do something this horrible because his wife made him choose between her and his family. He wasn't allowed to speak with us and didn't have any friends to vent his anger to.
Our family is very small and very close... this has really crushed us all.
Joseph also had a toddler son, like the young man mentioned in the above comment but, Joseph's wife will not let the family see him.

[R.I.P Joseph Reyes]

Anonymous said...