Friday, December 14, 2007

The baseball scandal

The baseball drug scandal has hit the international press. BBC:

    Football may be America's biggest sport, but baseball remains its national pastime, and nothing reminds us of that so much as the hand-wringing response to the Mitchell report, whose comprehensive tally of abusers of performance-enhancing drugs shines a spotlight on new names, but hardly on anything that the American public didn't already know.

    Baseball will survive this scandal, because it's a great game, one that still represents America as it should be, if not is.

I've never really cared for baseball. It's too boring. It's as exciting as watching grass grow. And I realize it's almost sacrilegious to say that. I'm a NASCAR fan, so I can relate to sports that appear boring on the surface, but still. Baseball? Everyone knows they're juicers. Same with other sports. NASCAR suspends drivers on the first failed drug test, then permanently bans on the second. I'm not sure how often drivers are tested.

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