Thursday, August 30, 2007

Marzetti is dead

The customer our drivers like least passed away two days ago, according to the doorman at his condo building. This was one frustrating guy. He was in his 90s. I've made numerous posts about him (here, here, and here).

As usual among cabbies, there is humor in everything, along with keeping an eye out for an advantage. Only three drivers know about Marzetti to this point (the driver who was first alerted to the death told me and one other driver). The three of us made a pact to keep it a secret.

The reason for keeping it a secret is that we'll make extra money for the next week or so, until everybody figures out Marzetti won't be calling anymore. Marzetti lives near our busiest (best) cab stand, and calls, like clockwork, for a taxi at 4:30 every afternoon for a ride to his favorite restaurant. He calls again at 6:30 for the ride home. Around those times most drivers vacate that cab stand, even though it's our most profitable. We just didn't want to take Marzetti because he's such a tough guy to deal with.

With him dead, the three of us can innocently stay in line while everybody else leaves.


G.S. said...

Oh my god, fucking hysterical. I really laughed out loud.

Ted Martin said...

I've been losing money because of Marzetti for so long, it's weird to be making some off of him for a change. Only in death is this guy good for business! (Hey, sorry for the bad taste. I don't have any ill will for him...)

As of yesterday a few drivers have been asking around: "Have you heard Marzetti call in lately? I wonder what's going on with him?"

They're about to figure it out, and then the extra money we're making will dry up.